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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
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Paid Leave

Paid Leave - Hayley B. James Why is it that so many service jobs (police officers, EMT/paramedic's, firefighters, etc.) are so damn homophobic? Is it because of having to be in a locker room with each other? Oh my fault, I didn't realize EVERY guy turns a gay guy on and is constantly checking out what's underneath that uniform. Do they think that a gay man can't protect them like a straight man can? Oh wait, wasn't that gay guy doing a damn good job before you even found out???? I don't understand. It hurts so much that people we are supposed to trust have protect us--be our "hero" so to speak are homophobic. It's seriously making me look twice at all of these people I see on the streets daily. No matter how many books I read about this subject it still gets to me.

So this is a story about Benji and Neal. Neal is an out and proud coffee shop owner and Benji is a deeply closeted police officer. I am talking so deep he can't even find the door to find his way out.

After a shooting gone bad and the media all over Benji he's forced on a paid leave. On his "vacation" he walks into a coffee shop called Beans. Benji is immediately taken with Neal and vice versa.

Neal doesn't normally date closeted people (which I really don't blame him!) but he decides he likes his little storm cloud. The things Neal would say crushed me. He's out and is willing to sacrifice a lot just to be with Benji. Benji is still so confused and doesn't want to lose his career, but also wants Neal. Can't have your cake and eat it too in this case, Benji.

Mad love for Caze! His advice was spot on.

Neal's family...SWOOOOON! LOVE them :) I even loved Kyle! Actually, I REALLY loved Kyle. I want to be besties with Kyle.

I want Neal and Benji to start a family and raise a baby together, like NOW! Benji with that baby at the party made my heart swell. I want good things for them (especially Benji since he doesn't have a lot of good in his life besides Neal and his family/friends).

Overall, good book that really pissed me off at the homophobia, but I should be used that. Can't say that I am though.