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Snow on the Mountain
P.D. Singer
K.Z. Snow
Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Four
Megan Derr, Mark Alders, Rory Auden, Poppy Dennison, Charles Edward, R.L. Ferguson, S.A. Garcia, David Greene, Kathleen Hayes, Kayla Jameth, K-lee Klein, Celia Kyle, Taylor Law, Elizabeth Lister, Ryan Loveless, Selah March, Michele L. Montgomery, Zahra
With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley

Screwing the System

Screwing the System - Josephine Myles Cosmo and Alasdair (Boss) have an interesting relationship. Cosmo is a 24 year old busker/front man in a band, and he's dedicated to his music. He's fails job interviews on purpose so he can focus on just that. When he walks into an interview he doesn't expect to meet his match, in Mr. Grant.

Alasdair Grant is a 40 year old Dom and when he sees Cosmo being a brat and trying to fail his interview on purpose he's upset with Cosmo for wasting his time. Alasdair is drawn to the bratiness in Cosmo and wants to tame him.

Can a control freak and a creative spirit have something special?

Why only 3 stars? I guess I wanted more of a conflict. I thought some big things could happen with Nan and Roger, but in the end it just fell flat. The resolution came too quick and I felt like there was no in between. Oh and the ending?! Ummm...kind of abrupt! I was like where's the rest?

In the end, it was a good read and I loved the rope scene :)