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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley

Sonoran Heat

Sonoran Heat - Katrina Strauss This is a story about Josh and Tony. Josh is a 21 year old college student, artist, and working his way through at a diner to help pay for it. Josh isn't your typical 21 year old. He hates club music (revoke his gay card now..ha), hates dance clubs, and just enjoys peace and quiet. He doesn't mind just sitting around the house being domestic. Josh has his priorities straight and will do anything to get to his goals. He wasn't expecting Tony to walk into his diner late one night.

Tony is a 45 year old landscape business owner. He was in a long term relationship (17 years) which ended (here's the thing, I don't remember how long it ended, was it ever stated??) He's lonely and is attracted to Josh, but knows he's too young for him.

I will say I LOVED their dates. I loved how they had a real relationship and not just in the bedroom! It was great reading the day to day things. What I didn't like? Tony constantly thinking about Richard. I guess here's where it would have been nice to know how long they've been separated. If it was recent, I guess I can see it, but years? Time to get over it and stop thinking about the differences.

Tony thinks that Josh is an "old soul" and I guess I can see that. He's just not into things most 21 year olds are. I also loved his mom!!!

I really liked Josh and Tony's relationship and I liked how the age card wasn't really played. Even with the 24 year age difference they didn't really act like it. However, I would have liked them to have talked about it more. Look at Keith! Anything could happen.

Overall, very sweet, easy read :)