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Broken (Broken #1)

Broken (Broken #1) - Dawn Kimberly Johnson 3.5 Stars

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I am not sure where to begin here. I cried. A LOT. My heart ACHED for Eli. Then when people wouldn't leave him alone or look at him like he was "broken", it hurt. Leave the man alone. He'll be okay! I wanted to slap Isla. I know what she did wasn't out of malice, but she went about it the wrong way.

When Alec came into the picture, I really liked him. Then for some reason he fell flat for me. Like he wasn't trying hard enough, giving Eli too much space? I don't know. I am a firm believer in fighting for what you want and if Alec wanted Eli as much as he says he did then I think he would have tried harder. Instead, I found him acting more like his therapist when he stated he only wanted to his "friend".

The constant POV changes--sometimes in mid paragraph were really confusing. Why did I need to know something from Isla's POV? Speaking of Isla what happened between her and Casey? Did they ever talk about the portrait?

Overall, it was an emotional tearjerker. I was a sobbing mess for almost the entire thing. I kept thinking about what I would do in that situation. How would I feel? Would I be like Eli or would I move on--for the kids? Would I be a shell? I would have liked to have seen more of Eli and Alec together, just the two of them.

Oh and for some reason, Mirabelle annoyed the piss out of me. HATE her and she really didn't do anything wrong. Go ahead and judge ;)

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