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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
In the Flesh - Ethan Stone This is my first book by Ethan Stone and I can say it won't be my last.

Cristian Flesh stole my heart. From the minute you see him on page, you know there's something deep down in there dying to get out. He's scared though, so he has rules. LOTS of them. His rules actually made me sad for him. I just wanted to scream "break that fucking shower rule! GO!!!" I didn't though, I knew he had to break down those walls himself. Watching Mr. Fresh ;) morph was incredible. He became a whole new person, someone I want to be friends with. Who changed him?

Why, the incredible "big guy", Colby Maddox! Colby was patient and kind and his lawyer! Okay, wait, why does Cristian need a lawyer? Oh, he's a murder suspect! Yeah, that's right. A detective a suspect in a murder. He's stripped of his badge and gun and has to rely on Colby to help him get out of this mess. But, Cristian doesn't listen too well so he finds himself in more trouble.

During the investigation, we meet Gabe and I didn't get a read on his age. Was he really a "kid" or was he older? At times he seemed older, but then at times he seemed like a young teenager. It was kind of weird.

I may be getting old in my 32 years of living, but the anonymous sex gave me hives. Okay, not really, but it made me itchy. I know people are just trying to have fun and trust me, I had plenty of it when I was single, but hot damn. Cristian says "sex is like money--you can never have enough." and yes, I can get that, but with a different nameless/faceless person each time? It makes me really think, what's he hiding behind all that sex? Will we find out in the next book???

The sex itself...kind of repetitive, but Cristian does have a lot of it so I would expect nothing less ;)

Overall, great story and I am bummed it took me so long to read it. Even if I pegged the "bad guy" from the beginning. All of them

Onto to sequel!