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So I normally don't dig the whole cheating thing, but for some reason this didn't seem like it. First off, Logan was never around. I mean, even when he was there he wanted to sleep before seeing Elle. I wanted to slap him. If you are in love you and gone for over a week the first person you should want to see if the one you left behind. NOT YOUR BED...ALONE! It just seemed like a "sure thing" for Logan and he wasn't really trying. It was like he didn't really love Elle or at least show her he loved her.

Cole. Holy hell, Cole Carson is one fine young specimen. DAMN! I loved him...mood swings and all. I loved his apologies too. I loved his views on life. I loved how he didn't want to be "the other guy" so he waited until Elle chose.

Elle Montgomery. Hmmm...why I think you should have not been cheating, I understand. I also understand why you needed to do it in person. But, I think it should have been sooner. I understand not wanting to be stuck in a small town doing what everyone expects when you really want to do things you WANT to do.

Love the wise words of Grandma M and the feisty attitude of Dani :)