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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Fire on the Mountain (Mountain, #1) - P.D. Singer In the beginning, I will be honest, it was kind of slow for me. It wasn't holding my attention. I thought that Jake was too much a thinker. Then his reactions to Kurt were a little over the top for me. I mean, you're an adult, act like one. You should be able to talk to your boss while the man of your dreams is in the shower without anyone questioning whether you are alright or not.

Then it started falling into place for me and I couldn't pry my eyes away from my Kindle. The descriptions of the scenes were amazing.

I was dumbfounded when I realized that help was almost 2 hours away. I couldn't get over that. Then I finally asked my husband if that was normal and he looked at me with a look that said "are you serious right now?" then he went into a huge description yes it's normal, they can't have patrols every 30 miles or whatever, it's Forest Service, Candice. I laughed because he was getting really into this and then we started having an hour conversation about how he wants to do that, but he would need solar paneling so he can have a fridge. HA! Which led to about 30 minute conversation about outdoor showers.

I thought that Kurt and Jake's relationship was real and honest. The cave was great, but the lake, blew me away. Beautiful.

The "true confessions" were great. Made my heart swell....then it just ended. Seriously? Did people find out about them? How was it living with each other? When did they start to develop feelings for each other? Does Abbie know about Kurt--"don't hurt him"?

I would have really liked to hear Kurt's thoughts though, so his POV would have been nice.

Overall, I thought it was great and I am already moving on to the 2nd in the series.