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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley

Stripped Bare (2)

Stripped Bare (2) - Susan Mac Nicol EEK! I bought this on a whim. I literally picked a number between 1 and 639 (the number of books on my TBR), it happened to be Stripped Bare.

We first meet Shane when he was escorting a man named David. Things get off to a rough start and I really didn't think I would like the book all that well. Ummm...drugging Shane, tying him up, and then jerking off on him! Can you say sexual assault?! Then somewhere Shane sees the utter fear in David after a phone call from his father.

I really liked Shane and his "all mouth and no manners" attitude. I really wish she (the author) could have worked the hacker angle more. I wanted more of it. I am fascinated with hackers and what they are capable of. I really would have liked to have seen more of Shane "at work".

Then we meet Matthew and he's actually a childhood friend of David. He knows things at his home are difficult for David and when he finds out David is beaten he can't stand by and shove it under the rug. Matthew is now the family lawyer and is there for "damage control", but since he wants no part in it he's fired. Not without a battle of words and threats though. WOW!

This is when Shane and Matthew meet.

Oh, buddy, the angst in this is CRAZY! There's a new problem that arises almost every chapter. It's insane, but it keeps you turning the pages. I actually liked it when Shane and Matthew fought, but I always thought Matthew was an ass. Did he have good reason? Sure, but he overreacted every time.

We meet the villians and oh bloody hell, they were horrid. I don't understand the hatred. I really don't. Then for David to almost defend them. It was absurd.

I did find that they were a little sex focused. Too many sex scenes that didn't really do much for me. I actually skimmed over them *hide*

Can we get a sequel please?! I would love to see these two later. Especially the potty mouth, Shay ;) Also, can David and Timmy get their own books? Pretty please.

Overall, great story about a 2nd chance at love. I recommend, but don't get turned off but the "lover", "the lawyer", "the man", "the younger man", etc.