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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Don't Trust the Cut - Kade Boehme First and foremost I want to say I love Alison and I want to be her bestie. I didn't think I would like her with the flipping of her hair, then she spoke and I fell in love. She's fierce, she's loyal, she's funny as all get out, she's quick, and by golly gee I NEED a friend like her.

Now, onto Jesse and Tucker. I loved how they met in the prologue and then came apart for a bit. I think we needed to see that they still thought of each other. However, Iconsider kissing cheating, so I was not happy in the beginning.

Tucker is a waiter in a restaurant in Baltimore and trying to live day by day. He has no friends, besides Alison, and is living a grey life. He has a troubled past, but is trying to overcome it. It's sick of me to have wanted to hear what happened to Tucker in detail? Yes, I understand he was put in the ICU, but was this a one time abuse or on-going, if so for how long? Why did Tucker turn to cutting? How did he know it would feel good? I guess I wanted to know more about Tucker before he went into the "nuthouse".

Jesse is a former Marine. He got injured and had to retire (or be discharged, whatever, I am not up on my military terms). Now, he does data entry. Fun fun :)

Then came Miranda and I thought it was weird how Tucker didn't want to hurt her. Was she really that close of a friend? I didn't see that, I guess I thought "if it's Miranda or Jesse, I'll take Jesse" type thing. Who is Miranda? Well, Jesse's girlfriend, of course. They've been together for 6 years, count them, SIX! But, she knows she's a beard. That's what gets me. Doesn't she think she deserves better?

Miranda, Jesse, Alison, and Tucker become close. They have dinner at each others houses, go to parties, etc. but Tucker and Jesse are just friends. They hang out and do guys nights, but one night, they relive that kiss again they had one year ago. Now, it's time for Jesse to rethink his future. Does he want a future with Miranda or Tucker? Where will he be happy? He "takes a break" from Miranda to "find himself".

Jesse is so wishy washy and it annoys me, because I can't see where he's coming from. Is he only afraid to have a relationship because of his mother?

Tucker, my sweet sweet Tucker. Totally get where you are coming from, but Alison was right about needing to tell Jesse. However, I think you were a jackass for not letting Jesse explain and ignoring him. Jesse, I think you could have tried harder. Hellooooo, ever hear of stalking?! MAKE HIM LISTEN TO YOU!!!!!!

I was shattered by the end. Completely gutted. I had to take a few hours break to compose myself.

Overall, great book! I recommend :)