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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
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Behind Iron Lace - Mercy Celeste 3.5 Stars?

I don't know where to begin here. Okay, I guess I'll start with Caleb. Mmmmm...Caleb. That drawl, that Cajun accent, the French...Mmmm. What I didn't like were all the damn nicknames. Holy sheep! Pick one or two and call it a day, would you. Darcy, Darce, Dar, bebe, beb, baby, cher, and I am sure there were more in there too that I am forgetting.

So, Caleb is a freelance? photographer/artist/business owner. He has actually won a Pulitzer for his artwork and is VERY successful around the globe. He's back in New Orleans because of his sick mother and he needs a job to keep him busy, not because he needs money. When he walked in for his interview he was expecting a woman, and rightfully so with the name like Darcy he was supposed to be meeting. Instead he's met with beautiful blue eyes and a "tight ass". Caleb is immediately drawn to him and making some pretty great innuendos. Professional, no, funny, yes.

Darcy Butler is a Oregon native who moved to New Orleans to start his e-magazine business. It's cheaper down there than it is in Oregon. He was doing fine and then Caleb contacted him about a job and being as Caleb is over qualified he can't resist meeting with him. What Darcy wasn't expecting was his stomach to turn into knots at first sight.

Caleb comes on pretty strong. It's kind of intimidating at first, but then you realize that it's just Caleb. This is how is his. What I don't understand is what did they do for each other outside the bedroom? What did they have in common? Why are relationships solely based on sex lately? I want to see a life outside the bedroom! How could they love each other without really knowing each other? Talking with one another? They spend a week together and FOUR months apart! The stuff Caleb said at the end there in the stairway was HORRIFIC! But, Darcy gave in too easily and ran away when Caleb needed him most. He should have stood by him and made him see that Darcy did love him past and all.

Oh and can I just say I LOVE Amber :) Hate Bailey and Chester, but I love me some Amber! I wish she had a bigger role in this.

Overall, 2 words: CONDOMS & LUBE!!!!!!!!!