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Snow on the Mountain
P.D. Singer
K.Z. Snow
Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Four
Megan Derr, Mark Alders, Rory Auden, Poppy Dennison, Charles Edward, R.L. Ferguson, S.A. Garcia, David Greene, Kathleen Hayes, Kayla Jameth, K-lee Klein, Celia Kyle, Taylor Law, Elizabeth Lister, Ryan Loveless, Selah March, Michele L. Montgomery, Zahra
With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Nobody's Perfect - Kallypso Masters I did not find this book to be erotic at all and that's a-okay with me. This was therapeutic for Savi and what she needed.

Oh Savi (Savannah). I can not imagine. I cringed throughout this book because of the torment and memories. My heart ached for you.

Damien, you are so good! So so good. Your heart is so big and I am so glad that Savi came to you for help.

This is the kind of family I want in my life. Adam, Karla, Marc, Angelina, Damo, Savannah, Grant, Luke <3 I love them all.