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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Hot Head - Damon Suede “Because people should not be punished for loving and hoping and holding their hearts open."

I've read a lot of M/M short stories, but never a full novel. Hot Head was my first and I can say that I was NOT disappointed.

Griffin and Dante are best friends who have shared everything, including women. Dante is a womanizer who takes home women all the time and Griffin has been divorced for 7 years.

After 9/11, and almost losing Dante, Griffin starts seeing Dante differently. Like he can't live without him, but there's no way he can tell him that. They are best friends and they are straight firefighters (who happen to hear one of the worst words in history on a daily basis the big fat 6 letter "f" word).

"Even though they were two guys the thought of losing him felt like amputation using a fork with no anesthesia."

Dante is in a jam and finds a way to make extra cash and fast. PORN! On the internet. Thing is he wants his bestie Griffin to do it with him. Griff is out of his mind. He has no idea what to do. He knows Dante wants him to fake it, but in Griff's head he won't be faking. It'll be his fantasy come to life. He struggles...big time. His internal struggles made me cry, because I could not imagine. Griff's vision at the bank, had me in tears more than anything. So beautiful.

"Your life needs an airbag. I swear, Anastagio, you should have come equipped when you were born."
Just then Dante leaned against him, brow between his shoulder blades for a moment, so tentatively Griff held his breath. His voice was almost sheepish. "Nah. Everyone knows I was born defective. They didn't install you until later."

Dante was hilarious and I didn't find him to be the cocky jack ass other people though he was. He was also sweet as sugar when he needed to be too. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

“[...]Are both of you...?"
"Manscaped?" Dante smiled. "I'm fucking Italian; I been mowing my lawn since I was thirteen.”

Then we meet the best "lesbo" ever, Beth! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her :)

the only thing that could have made this better was if I saw more of Griff and Dante together as a couple. What did G's asshole dad do? What about the firehouse? Are they going to start a family like Griff wants?

Griff's dad can rot in hell and I adored Dante's family :)