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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Across The Hall - N.M. Facile First off, let me say that this book was longer than I thought. A little too long. Too detailed in some parts. I mean, there was a page or two describing jeans and the stains on them. Seriously, did we need to know that?

Also, what was with all the blushing. COME ON! Do people really blush that much? Kinda got old.

Now on to the story. I thought it was really good. I had weird creepy vibes coming from Beau since she first met him. So I wanted him gone right away.

Then, Quinn. Oh how he's swoon worthy. I loved everything about him from the time he was introduced. I loved how he didn't want cause trouble, but fell into the group so well. I loved how he knew the right things to say and he actually wanted to communicate with her. Such a good guy. Almost made me give up my bad boy obsession. I said almost folks, don't worry...

Sylvia had the BEST friends. I mean THE BEST! I want Kai, Sloane, Reed, Kerri, and Jason as my besties. Sloane and Reed, wow. Talk about big brother and protective and I loved every second of it. It wasn't in a creepy way, it was in a mess with my sister and I will mess up your face kind of way and I was in love after that.

I suck at reviewing, overall, it was a good story that could have been edited and shortened a bit. I also liked how "real" these college kids lives were doing game nights, drinking, gossiping, drinking pop, staying in the apartments and not out "clubbing" every night, etc. It just felt real and I liked it.