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I thought I needed tissues for Ruining Me, but no....oh no...I went through an entire box of tissues. My eyes are puffy and red and they burn.

For some reason though, Jay pissed me off a lot in this one. I know what she went through when she was 16, because it happened to me. I never understood her reasoning for not testifying . It just seemed like a cop out and I wanted to throttle her.

Rhye, I wanted to punch him in his throat...a lot. I thought Jay was selfish, but no, this guy took selfish to a whole new level. His reaction to Eli--yeah, NO!

Kane, I wanted to hurt him too. 1st for the letters, then the whole wishy washy attitude--not cool for someone with a messed up head. LOVED his relationship with her parents and Molly. I loved the way you didn't pressure Jay, let her come to terms with who she is first. You might be my new fave book boyfriend! The way you handled Jay with such care, but still told her the truth about everything. Not an easy thing to do.

Eli, I LOVE YOU! You saved Jay! I think without you in therapy she could not have made it (or even try to make it).

There was just so much in this that I fell in love with and I really did love watching Jay come into her own and realize life is worth living.

The Epilogue played out well and I am happy with the ending :)