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Snow on the Mountain
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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Wilde Ride (Ride, #1) - Maegan Lynn Moores I liked this. I really did. However, there were parts that were...really?! Some of the stuff was just unbelievable. First and foremost, Ryder talking to Ella about club business. That was when I was like NOPE! But, then I had to remember this is fiction.

I LOVED Ryder. Also, with a name like Ryder Wilde. Seriously? Come on, now. GORGEOUS! He was so sweet and bad ass all at the same time.

After I read this I read several reviews and I noticed people comparing this to KA, ummm...I didn't really see that. Some stuff that came out of Ryder's mouth was KA-like, but he spoke too much to be a KA alpha male ;)

Ella, oh sweet Ella. I forkin' LOVED you. Seriously. I honestly didn't find anything wrong with you at all. Probably one of my favorite heroines of all time.

“Oh Sweet Jesus, David Copperfield!”

Oh and can I say I adored Payton! CAN NOT WAIT til her story next.