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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Master of the Abyss - Cherise Sinclair I really like this series, but I have had one problem. Kallie was new to the scene and basically tossed in the deep end. Jake did a public scene without even talking to her. Without gaining her trust. He just did and didn't even ask questions. I have a big problem with not discussing limitations before any play happens. I don't care if there's a safe word in play. Discuss limits beforehand.

Loved that I got to see Rebecca and Logan :) That made me happy.

I also hated the "one night only" lectures from Jake, but always said "next time" or something along those lines. He also didn't call Kallie because of the "one night only" lectures, but staked his claim when she tried to avoid him. It was a one night only thing, but he bought her clothes? Don't mess with someone's mind, Jake you jerk!

Kallie, your issue was almost absurd, but I went with it. Your overprotective cousins drove me nuts, but they just care.

Oh and Jake had an issue with Kallie's clothes, ummm...she's a freaking mountain guide. Is she really going to wear heels and short little skirts to show off? I HATE that men think women have to dress in practically nothing to become a woman.