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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Cut & Run (Cut & Run, #1) - Madeleine Urban,  Abigail Roux First off, can I say I love Ty and Zane?! I love Ty's dick-ish attitude. I love Zane's temper when it flares. I love their banter and how they egg each other on.

Ummm...is it me or did anyone else think they should have been working on the case more?

Speaking of the case, I was guessing throughout the whole thing. If I were Ty and Zane though, I would have been more skeptical. If you're supposed to be under the radar why would you call contacts? I don't understand. Be incognito like you're supposed to be. What ever happened with the Steve's? Did they drop the case? Would have liked to have fill them in the Poe theory and have them eat their words.

The rest is going to be a spoiler, because I don't want to give anything serious away. The gaps--4 months and then 6 months. They were separate more than they were together! I did not like that AT ALL. Then I was pissed with Ty at the end for leaving. I wanted to knock him around a bit.

Can I also say that I didn't like how Zane had an addiction problem. I don't care how good of a cop/ agent you are if you are using or have used recently you have no business working on a case. Then he thinks he can "handle" it. He was using heroin for fuck's sake!

Then again, I didn't like how Ty was screwing nameless women either. Not a big fan of screwing other people when your heart is with someone else. Even if you have never admitted it to each other.

I did think that they could have been working the case more. It seemed to me they weren't really doing much, but getting hurt and hiding out (which I don't blame at all). I just thought they could have figured something else out during that time. Like I said, I was guessing throughout the whole book and I was wrong every time.

I also thought that Ty was kind of a child telling everybody to "shut up" all the time.

Is it wrong that I wanted more steam and for them not to be so afraid of admitting their feelings. Even at the end, nothing was concrete. I wanted more from them!

Overall, great snark! Moving on to book 2.