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Snow on the Mountain
P.D. Singer
K.Z. Snow
Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Four
Megan Derr, Mark Alders, Rory Auden, Poppy Dennison, Charles Edward, R.L. Ferguson, S.A. Garcia, David Greene, Kathleen Hayes, Kayla Jameth, K-lee Klein, Celia Kyle, Taylor Law, Elizabeth Lister, Ryan Loveless, Selah March, Michele L. Montgomery, Zahra
With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Private Dicks - Katie Allen 4.5 Stars

I absolutely LOVED this book! I loved the partnership/friendship between Rhodie and Wash. I would have liked to have seen more of that--like how it started.

I loved how Rhodie came out to Wash. I loved how tentative Wash was at first, because he's right...sex "fucks up everything". I could totally see his side of things and could not fault him.

The two of them together...EXPLOSIVE!

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This book was exactly what I needed and it rocked my socks off. It was funny, thrilling, HOT!, and all around a great book. So much so that I am tearing in the 2nd book :) I want more Trevor! I need to see what his deal is.