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Snow on the Mountain
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Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Four
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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Burden - Annmarie McKenna 2.5 Stars

I took a chance and got this even though I said I was going to pass on it. It was cheap, so what the hell...

This story had SO MUCH potential, but it just fell flat. Too rushed? I wanted to know both Brennan and Keegan's back stories. I wanted more with Keegan and his (work) partner. I did think that Keegan was arrogant, but I thought it worked for him. However, I thought he could have been a little more useful during Brennan's flashbacks (you know, being a cop and all).

Best conversation of the whole book:
"I m-meant I can't come in the morning."
"Not coming in the morning. Personal problem, or have you not been with the right guy to do the job?"
Brennan's eyes widened.
"Give me a chance, and I can make certain you come in the morning."
"You don't m-m...fuck around, do you?"
"No. Not when I am with someone. And neither will you."
"N-not what I meant."
"I know, but it is what I meant. Afternoon then? I can swing by after lunch and pick you up. Be ready."

Overall, I think this could have been amazing as a full length. It just fell short as a novella, in my opinion.