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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
The Good Life - Diana DeRicci This was super cute :)

What I don't get is why hide a part of yourself--from your supposed best friend? Chad and Sonny have known each other their entire lives, basically. Why couldn't tell Sonny tell Chad he was bi. Especially when Chad came out to him? Just because 2 friends sleep with the same gender doesn't mean anything. OMG, you sleep with men? So do I. Let's go have sex! No, it doesn't work like that. I don't get why he hid that he was bi. It made no sense. Let things happen naturally if they were going to happen. I mean, Sonny WANTED them to happen, but he gave the whole "I'm straight" vibe to Chad. Yeah, because Chad is going to fall for his straight best friend.

Then there's Elizabeth. Okay, you're friends (for years!), but yet Chad doesn't know where she lives?. Kind of weird.

I wanted to know what Chad's mom had to say about Sonny and him together. What about Sylvia? Was she happy?

I could NOT get on board with Joey and Luis. Very obnoxious. Too self centered in my opinion. I wanted more about Dex and Brian. I want THEIR book :) Cause you know their friendship is headed that way. YAY!!!