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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken To be honest, this was about a 3.5 for me.

Life = Not fair!

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There are so many reviews of this book that mine won't quite do anything special, so I'll hide the reasons behind my 3.5 stars.

I really liked Kiersten and Wes. What I didn't like was Wes lying by omission to her. I didn't like him leading her on in the beginning.

I didn't like how unrealistic things were. Seriously, Wes is doing experimental drugs, but only throws up every day? He's not weak, he can still run and play football and nobody really notices he's sick? Ummm...he has cancer! From the sounds of it, pretty bad cancer and is taking chemo. Shouldn't he be feeling worse?

Umm...they were in college, right? Did they ever attend class?

Then there's the whole angel thing at the end there. That's when I said enough is enough. I would have rounded up to a 4, but I couldn't get on board with the Angela thing. Sorry, that's just me.

Oh and playing in an intense football game 2 months after getting your chest cracked open? Yeah, cause that'll really happen. Working out 2 weeks after? Try sitting up first without pain. Try laughing without it hurting. THEN maybe we can talk about playing football and working out.

When did Randy get on board with Kiersten? He thought she was a gold digger at first, when did that change?

Gabe!!!! Can we PLEASE get Gabe's story! LOVE him.

In the end this was me:
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