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Snow on the Mountain
P.D. Singer
K.Z. Snow
Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Four
Megan Derr, Mark Alders, Rory Auden, Poppy Dennison, Charles Edward, R.L. Ferguson, S.A. Garcia, David Greene, Kathleen Hayes, Kayla Jameth, K-lee Klein, Celia Kyle, Taylor Law, Elizabeth Lister, Ryan Loveless, Selah March, Michele L. Montgomery, Zahra
With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
My Cowboy Heart - Z.A. Maxfield I guess I didn't realize this book was going to have me in tears. Geez. Someone could have warned a girl.

Malloy/Boss. I LOVED him! Some may say he's boring/slow, but I found him to be incredible. His personality blew me away. He's 32 years old and on the ranch he acts older, but take him out of that setting and he's a teen. He's so sweet and innocent. He lives for 2 things, J-Bar Ranch and The Jenkins Family.

That was until a family friend, Crispin Carrasco, stepped onto the ranch. Man, I wish we had Crispin's POV. I would have loved to get more of his background.

Crispin showed Malloy/jefe exactly what he was missing in his life. Something that jefe didn't even know he was missing.

At first they were so hot and cold it was kind of off-putting and not from Malloy's side. He was perfect. Just going with it. Sure, he had inner questions about "what the fuck is going on", but he handled them and didn't run away.

When they finally decided to stop acting like scared rabbits, it was great. I loved how protective Malloy was of Crispin. I loved how he wanted to keep him safe. I loved how he would give him anything in his power if Crispin asked.

Overall, great OFY story. I would not call this GFY, but some might.

The doctor scene cracked me up!
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