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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
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Learning to Love: Evan & Daniel - K.C. Wells This is going to be short and hopefully somewhat sweet.

I liked it, I really did. However, I couldn't get on board with a few things.

1. Daniel being terrified to have sex, then talking about it with Evan and all of a sudden he's a great top. He doesn't seem to think about the abuse at all while having sex..oh I am sorry "making love". Everything about it was beautiful and magical. He even got a little dominate and pinned Evan's hands above his head.

2. Is it me or are Michael, Sean, Daniel, and Evan extremely rude at their parents house? Having sex so loud other people can hear it and they don't seem to care at all? RUDE! I would be mortified if my mom heard me having sex, not because I want her to think I don't have it, but it's a respect thing. I can manage a few days at my mom's without getting laid.

3. Evan's jealousy. Ummm...seriously? That's all.

4. Daniel's mom's reaction to the abuse. NO! I hate her and there's no redeeming her in my eyes. NONE!

5. Michael's forgiving attitude. He was so easy to forgive and forget without really even thinking about it. Then Evan's forgiving attitude towards his brother. NOPE! John kissed Daniel. Knock his ass out for touching your man, Evan! Let's not forget Daniel and how he forgave his mom after her not believing him about the abuse. UGH! Seriously, they are 19 year old kids and you're telling me he's not going to hold a grudge for at least a little bit?

photo believechildren-drphil_zpsfbc32f47.jpg

I am glad that Evan found out Daniel's name and used it more. He's also upgraded from sweetie to honey ;) Pet names weren't too over the top, but the kisses on the cheeks were.

cheek kiss photo: Cheek kiss Lightkiss.gif

I am not sure if I am going to jump into the 3rd book right away, but I will read Josh's story.