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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Sounds of Love  - Susan Laine 2.5 Stars

Sorry, but this was a no go for me :( I finished it, but it was hard. Usually I can finish an under 300 page book in less than 6 hours with doing all my mom stuff I have to do with 2 small kids. This took me almost 16 hours. It just didn't hold me attention. Here's why:

1. JORDAN! He's an arrogant selfish prick. Seriously. He's also WAY over dramatic and flowery. He's supposed to be this big hard ass cop, but instead talking about how this table is magical because it's the first place he touched Sebastian. Also, his SUV is a magical place too because that's when Sebastian first touched him. Gag me with a spoon. PLEASE!

2. Sebastian's lip reading. I am sure it's great, but is he ALWAYS looking at Jordan? I wish he signed while talking so maybe Jordan could have picked it up more.

3. Jordan with his 3 forms of martial arts and 7 languages. How about we use them instead of just talking about them!

4. Jordan described himself as mellow and he was FAR from it. He was such a thinker. I hated it. His inner voice was what really made me put the Kindle down all those times. He's so 'woe is me' it's pathetic.

5. Jordan says he never drinks, but gets drunk--BY HIMSELF a couple of times. Ummm...hello!

6. Allowing a 15 year old to drink in a house full of police officers.

7. Did I mention Jordan's arrogance? Yeah, he thinks he's gods gift to men and has no problems talking about it. If I were Sebastian I would feel like shit after he talked about all those men.

Yeah, so I won't be finishing the rest of this series :( Sorry, I had high hopes for it.