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Snow on the Mountain
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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
J.L. Langley
Like Coffee and Doughnuts (Dino Martini Mysteries, #1) - Elle Parker How much do I love Seth? He's hilarious.

Dino Martini is a PI in Florida. He's old school, a gentleman, who was taught that chivalry is the way to go. He listens to Dean Martin and Peggy Lee, drives Matilda ;), drinks amaretto and whiskey, and carries a gun. His best friend and the guy who has his back is Seth Donnelly, a local mechanic, and always ready for a fight and the next warm body. He's a complete player and will have sex with anyone gender doesn't matter. He'll also eat whatever you put in front of him, so don't reach for the salt ;)

When working as a repo man with Seth they come across a mysterious package. Dino's curiosity gets the best of him and he can't let it go. Little does he know but that package is going to cause problems, lots and lots of problems.

While that is going on he has to come to terms with his feelings for his best friend. Seth makes a move on him and he's not sure how to take it. Oh, I didn't mention that Dino was straight? Yeah, but I like how Seth being a guy wasn't an issue, per se. It went deeper than that.

Will they figure it all out and keep themselves alive?

Oh and I LOVE the "Golden Girls".