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With Caution (With or Without Series, #3)
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Your Biggest FAN (Greek's Invented Love #1) - Missy Welsh What can I say about this? First and foremost I want to hug the living sh*t out of Truman. I want to hold him and tell him everything is okay. He broke my heart. I literally had to put this book aside for the night because of Truman. He got to me in a way not many characters do.

For some reason I pictured them older and I think I would have liked it more if they WERE older than 18. They acted older, that's for sure. Especially Stasi.

Truman is a deep in the closet. So deep in the closet he's in Narnia. His family abandoned him after a bad "break up" and now he can't ever let anyone know he's gay. He's attending college on scholarships--one for academia and athletic. He's actually living in a jock dorm. Jock dorm + Gay Jock = one hell of a scary place! He keeps his head down and isolated in his room most of the time. He can not afford to get kicked out of the dorm or lose the scholarship, so he keeps to himself. One day he's in the library studying and he sees Stasi and he had no idea his world would be flipped upside down.

About Stasi, I really liked him and his stalkerish ways. However, I was NOT happy about him telling people about Truman. I don't care how much you trust them, it was NOT his secret to tell! I liked how he slowly let Truman come into his own and watched his confidence grow. He let Truman, just be Tru. Accepted him as is and never said a word.

"Hello, brand new kink!"

Now, what would I have liked to have seen? Truman and Stasi out in public more. I would have liked the Epi to have been later than a week after everything happened.

One thing I hated? The cover. Stasi is a bear and yet dude on the cover is shiny smooth.